Tough Mudders

Tough Mudder TeamOn Saturday 7th of September an intrepid team, consisting of Pete Beveridge and David Wilson and headed by our head chef Phil Bolton, set of to Skipton to enter the Tough Mudder event.

This consisted of – running through tazer wire, walking the plank (jumping of a 5 metre platform into muddy water) and jumping into a skip full of ice amongst other things – not least running 12 miles across hilly country.

We’re proud to say they all managed to finish!

Cheque for ManorlandsA total amount of £1,230 was raised for Manorlands hospice. Jodie Tanner our bar manager contributed all her tips from the last 3 months into the pot. Spot the dog (our brewery dog) saw them off in the morning as it was scarecrow weekend in Cullingworth.

Well done everyone.

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